Rocket Launch presents the DIAMOND HANDS collection
This is a NFT collection for real holders.
We want to build a community of people with similar views who adhere to the strategy of long-term hold in investing. To do this, a private chat will be created, the pass to which will be the possession of the NFT.
But in addition to the benefits of communicating with like-minded people, the owners of these NFTs will receive various benefits
  • NFT owners will get a number of benefits when using tools from Rocket Launch, such as:
- increased income from the Faucet
- increased RLT points by using (depending on the level of NFT. The higher the level, the greater the number of points)
- exclusive conditions for owners of unique NFTs
  • Private Club
  • 25% of the income from the sale of NFT, will be distributed among the holders by using NFT Staking on, in accordance with the level of NFT
  • 25% of the royalties will be distributed among the holders by using NFT Staking on, in accordance with the level of the NFT
  • NFT holders are included in the whitelist to receive airdrops from partner projects
Ranks of collection
NFT levels, their quantity and method of obtaining and values of NFT and their anvantages
Tier 1
1 carat \ Faucet x1.5, RLT points x1.5, share in the distribution of income x1
Regular - 3500 \ giveaways, marketplace, swap on RLT, rewards for RLT holders (top 500)
Tier 2
3 carats \ Faucet x2, RLT points x4, share in the distribution of income x4
Rare - 800 \ marketplace, RLT swap, reward for RLT holders (top 50)
Tier 3
8 carats \ RLT points x8, share in the distribution of income x8
Legendary - 400 \ marketplace, swap on RLT
Tier 4
15 carats \ RLT points x15, share in the distribution of income x15
Affiliate - 200 \ under the terms of affiliate programs
Tier 5
30 carats \ No need RLT points for burning or staking, share in the distribution of income x30
Unique - 100 \ auction, reward for RLT holders (top 10)
Only a small part of all NFTs, click the button below to view more NFTs, created by s_e_r_g_i_o_589
NFT boxes
If you love games and want to experience the chance to win a prize, then this is for you, chance to win NFT with a discount, prize guaranteed anyway
  • Select the collection and box you are interested in
  • Confirm the action in XUMM
  • The bot will automatically send you NFT, you will only need to confirm receipt in XUMM
We are pleased to present you the artist of the Diamond Hands collection
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